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The warm and friendly environment of our centre will make you trust the experts of each sector to deal with each and every problem.

The exemplar multi-purpose center, Laser Hair Removal Alexandrite, Cosmetic Dermatology and Diet LASER MASTERPLUS provides high level services; as the qualified personnel (physician-Dermatologist, Beautician, Nursing staff and Clinical Nutritionist) are close to you in order to provide the most reliable solutions to your every need. The equipment of our centre consists of the most up to date machines (Laser hair removal Alexandrite Arion 2 755nm WaveLight, EXIMIA body concept, Dermabration etc.) thus providing safety and efficiency during applications.

The philosophy of our center is based on the appropriate information about our services, as well as on forming trustful relationships between you and our scientific collaborators. Our warm and friendly environment inclines you to trust the experts of each sector and consequently to deal with your every need.

The products we use in the applications of Cosmetic Dermatology are by the FILLORGA companies, AQUALYX, HMI, FL-DERMA CEUTICALS CA
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