Proper diagnosis is carried out with the preparation and monitoring of your personal medical history by a physician-dermatologist of our center. The aim of personalized diagnosis is to find the corresponding individualized treatment and to achieve the best possible result.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The experienced dermatologist of our center starts the treatment with cleansing, by emulsion and lotion. Then we move on to peeling with micro grains (biopeel) from plant extracts or fruits.

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LASER Depilation Alexandrite

The laser is the most modern, safe and permanent method of hair removal. It can be applied to women and men in all areas of the body and the face. It takes an average of 6-7 sessions in all application points except the face. Based on clinical studies the face is mostly affected by the hormonal activity and so it is likely to need more sessions.

ΕΧΙΜΙΑ Body Concept

To combat cellulite, localized fat and cutaneous relaxation.Eximia Body Concept is a comprehensive system that effectively treats cellulite, localized fat and sagging, whilst its application drastically improves the vascular and lymphatic circulation, the aged skin and wrinkles.
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Cosmetic applications - Dietology

Cosmetology is the discipline that promotes the improvement of the external appearance of face and body. Our high level of cosmetic care services that are provided in our exemplar center aim to help create a healthy and aesthetic image of the human body.
Proper and balanced diet is a cornerstone of human health.Good health and aesthetics of our personal image should establish the basic principles for our daily nutritional program. The clinical dietitian of our center is at your side to provide you with the necessary advice in order to build together a framework shielding your body from diseases, as well as to enhance the sense of wellbeing that comes from the care that we provide ourselves through the food we eat on a daily basis.