LASER Alexandrite

full bikini 40 euro
face 40 euro
natal line 30 euro
bikini line30 euro
upper lip 30 euro
chin 30 euro
sideburns 30 euro
belly line 30 euro
fingertips 30 euro
glabella 30euro
cheekbones30 euro
back/td> 80 euro
shoulders/collar 70euro
belly 70 euro
chest 60 euro
waist 55euro
armpits 35 euro
calves 55 euro
thighs 80 euro
½ arm60 euro
full arm 100 euro

The prices are per session Alexandrite laser with Arion 2 and include VAT 23%.
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Αισθητική Δερματολογία

dermatological cleaning80euro
dermabrasion with diamond25euro
dermabrasion with diamond, chemical peeling and masks 80euro
Face and neck treatment for deep hydration-nutrition-tightening 80euro
Treatment stamp with mesotherapy and mask 80euro
Injectable Mesotherapy with 1 ingredient 25euro
Injectable Mesotherapy with 6 components for face or body 130εeuro
Needle mesotherapy cocktail of vitamins + hyaluronic acid of filorga company 100εeuro (2 amploules and above 85euro each)
Hyaluronic acid fine wrinkles and mesotherapy of H.M.I companies or FL- dermaceuticals 70euro
Hyaluronic acid for medium wrinkles filorga 2ml 140euro
Hyaluronic acid for deep wrinkles and volume filorga 2ml180εeuro
Botox Allergan (upper or lower face)240euro
Injection-Lipolysis Liposculpture, the method aqualyx 1ampoule 130euro ,
2 ampoules 245euro,
3ampoules 340euro,
4ampoules 460ευρώ

These treatments are performed by a physician-dermatologist and include VAT 23%.


Session Duration 55'
1 session 40euro
4 sessions 130euro
6 sessions 200euro
8 sessions 230euro

The sessions are conducted by specialized nurses and include VAT 23%.

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In small areas with a choice of upper lip, belly line, bikini line, fingertips, cheekbones, ears, chin, cheeks, nipples, grabella .get rid of unwanted hair quickly and painlessly.

In mid range with a choice of full bikini, armpits, waist, full face or neck. Meet the incredible results of laser hair removal.

In large areas with a choice from legs, back, arms 1/2 (forearms), shoulder-collar, chest, abdomen. Permanent hair removal with the most modern and painless method.